multiple-entry china visa, yeah!

chinaembassyafter years of waiting for u.s.-sino relations to improve (to no avail, still can’t get my visa at the border), i finally went to the chinese embassy here in hong kong and got my china visa. being a permanent hong kong i.d. card holder i was able to qualify for 1 year with multiple entries. next year they told me i can be eligible for the 3 year multi-entry visa. they have to see that you are ‘serious’ about visiting china, hence the 1 year trial. my good friend from aloha airlines moved to shenzhen airlines after he lost his job in hawai’i, so he will be the first person to visit. after that it’s off to shanghai for dumplings and beijing to take photos of the forbidden city, run around tiananmen square, and climb that big old wall i’ve heard so much about…see ya there!


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  1. Hi Jer, now you have your Visa + HKID card you should be able to get a 3 year visa next time. You HAVE TO ASK!

    btw, I so so appreciate your RTPC notes; keep ’em long and lugubrious, its how i like em! 10 pages is minimum!

    (a lifelong fan)

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