open-water dive success!

congratulations! on March 22, 2009, six of my Esguerra family members joined the new ranks of official certified PADI open-water scuba divers – in anilao, batangas, philippines! i was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help out as an assistant with the class. after two grueling days in the classroom/pool and 4 open-water dives in the ocean, everyone passed with ‘swimming’ colours.  we saw some great underwater sea creatures – like titan trigger fishes, schools of jacks, a colourful ribbon eel, lot’s of ‘nemo’ clownfishes, poisonous lionfishes as well as a giant sea cucumber the size of a pillow – among others. i’ve posted all the dive photos on my multiply site here: congratulations once again to the new divers: Merlin, Paul, Behn, Mack, Bien & Joanne. you all did well! remember to always dive S.A.F.E. (Slowly Ascend From Every dive) and “plan the dive and dive the plan!” oh, and don’t forget “Breakfast With Rice And Fish” hahaha!


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