phuket…let’s go!

just got back from phuket, thailand to check out one of the dive schools i’m planning on doing my divemaster and instructor development course with. the dive academy is named Sea Bees Diving ( and is the only DIN-certified 5-star dive center in Thailand. the school is quite isolated on the south eastern coast of phuket at Chalong Bay. the quiet atmosphere is perfect for dive training and studying.  the palm garden resort is where i’ll be staying. it’s linked to the academy and has all the facilities for dive training/instruction. it even has a dedicated pool purposely built for scuba training complete with a 3m drop off. – i rented a yamaha scooter-motorbike for only $5 USD/day which ended up being apropos because it just so happened to be phuket bike week. patong beach was awash with hogs ‘n black leather creating a wonderful festive atmosphere. to top it off, it was also the thai new year “songkran” holiday festival – where the custom is wherever you go you are expected to get thoroughly soaked with ice cold water all day long. tourists are especially targetted – good clean fun and perfect for the sunny, tropical phuket climate. hopefully i’ll be back to finish my divemaster/instructor course. look out for me at sea bees!


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  1. You look Great man~

    I like to go Puket too. I miss warm sunshine. And that scooter! Hmm… It makes me remind the old day in Key West. I miss it.

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