joe sutter…father of the 747

 there are some benefits from growing up in boeing country. i lived in seattle, washington (home of the boeing company) for much of my life and in a previous blog i wrote about conducting a recent delivery flight of a brand new boeing 777-300ER earlier this year from the boeing factory in everett, washington. while i was there, i was able to meet some incredible people. among them were friends of JOE SUTTER – the lead designer and chief engineer of the original queen of the skies, the mighty BOEING 747!  before i transferred to the 777, i flew the boeing 747-400 here at cathay pacific.  unfortunately, Joe was on vacation at the time but i was still able to get him to personally autograph my copy of his book, “747.”  i purposely brought my book from hong kong to seattle for this express reason and wrote him a note which he kindly replied with a personal note of his own inside! – thanks Joe! although i now fly the 777, your 747 is still the prettiest thing in the sky! … and yes, LONG LIVE THE JUMBO!

much credit and thanks go to my friends at boeing, especially Lisa (Elizabeth) Moody with customer relations at Boeing Commercial Airplanes for helping me track Joe down! thanx Lisa, i owe you a Starbucks!


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