mares carbon 42 first dive – anilao, philippines

 Carbon42 Jer

just returned from Anilao, Batangas, Philippines after a 9 dive series with my cousin. we stayed at Planet Dive and since we arrived on a weekday, we had the ENTIRE RESORT to ourselves – not to mention all the dive sites as well. in 9 dives, we didn’t see a single human soul on the reefs. perfect! check out the sea creatures we DID see however on my photo website: just click the ScubaJer dive flag album for Anilao dives. this was also my first dive with the new mares carbon 42 regulator. while i cannot say it performed flawlessly, it did do the job and despite one minor technical problem, i’m quite happy with it. i hope mares can help me troubleshoot my problem and then it will be just perfect! oh, and for you marine lovers, don’t worry about this poor pufferfish. i placed him back on the reef where he promptly relaxed. have a look at the photos. enjoy!


carbon fiber diver

finally i am in posessison of the all-new mares carbon 42 scuba diving regulator. this great piece of kit will relenquish fresh air to my lungs under the salty clear water of anilao, batangas, philippines. it’s brand new, never been used, hasn’t even gotten wet yet. we’ll see how it holds up under the rigors of the philippine sea…the rainy season is approaching. i was forced to purchase the carbon octopus along with this set as is the policy of mares hong kong. (they did throw in a free mares cruise regulator bag). the carbon octopus is an exact replica of the carbon regulator with the addition of the yellow purge button and yellow superflex hose – making for an extremely light-weight setup! note the superflex hoses which can literally be twisted and tied into virtually any direction – very flexible and durable. i’ll publish the ‘breathability’ qualities of the reg as soon as it’s tested this week in the PI. thanks mares! ** as with any photo on my blog, click on any thumbnail image below to view a larger image. **

get a grip!

breaking out my kit for an upcoming trip to south africa for safari to shoot some wildlife! installed a new ‘vertical grip’ on the 5D mark II and it works great. the grip houses two battery packs which extends my already long battery life by double.  the camera body is much more comfortable to hold when shooting in vertical, ‘portrait’ mode. great build quality, strong, sturdy, no flex and integrates all the necessary controls for shooting on the go (AE  lock, dedicated AF button, exposure compensation control, etc.) it even has a dedicated power on/off switch to prevent accidentally pushing buttons on landscape shots.  it’s not as heavy as you think, but balances the camera out quite nicely esp. when using a longer zoom lens. if you’re serious about your 5DmkII…get a grip! (canon model #: BG-E6).

new mares carbon 42 regulator test dive


woo hoo. i’ve been made an offer by some of the guys at mares asia-pacific here in hong kong to test dive a brand new scuba regulator they’ve released on the market – the new mares carbon 42! this new light-weight carbon fiber regulator is supposed to be one of the lightest and best performing regulators on the market.  you can view a short interview from scuba diving magazine with phil mintz – the head of mares diving division in the u.s.a. talking about this new carbon reg here:  the carbon 42 represents mares’ top of the line scuba regulator and i’ll be taking it with me on a few test dives in Anilao, Philippines again next week. will let you know how i find it when i return. watch this space.

 if all goes well, i’ll be purchasing one of these sets and taking it with me down to phuket, thailand to begin my Divemaster / Instructor training.  it’s time to “go pro” and move on from my current certification as a rescue diver.  hope to be teaching scuba soon…as much as i love flying, i’d rather be diving!