new mares carbon 42 regulator test dive


woo hoo. i’ve been made an offer by some of the guys at mares asia-pacific here in hong kong to test dive a brand new scuba regulator they’ve released on the market – the new mares carbon 42! this new light-weight carbon fiber regulator is supposed to be one of the lightest and best performing regulators on the market.  you can view a short interview from scuba diving magazine with phil mintz – the head of mares diving division in the u.s.a. talking about this new carbon reg here:  the carbon 42 represents mares’ top of the line scuba regulator and i’ll be taking it with me on a few test dives in Anilao, Philippines again next week. will let you know how i find it when i return. watch this space.

 if all goes well, i’ll be purchasing one of these sets and taking it with me down to phuket, thailand to begin my Divemaster / Instructor training.  it’s time to “go pro” and move on from my current certification as a rescue diver.  hope to be teaching scuba soon…as much as i love flying, i’d rather be diving!



2 Responses

  1. What? Why purchase one, they didn’t give it to you for free?

    • Haha! I know!! But trust me, I’m a step ahead of you, I already asked if I could have it but they said NO WAY! Haha. Shucks!

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