mares carbon 42 first dive – anilao, philippines

 Carbon42 Jer

just returned from Anilao, Batangas, Philippines after a 9 dive series with my cousin. we stayed at Planet Dive and since we arrived on a weekday, we had the ENTIRE RESORT to ourselves – not to mention all the dive sites as well. in 9 dives, we didn’t see a single human soul on the reefs. perfect! check out the sea creatures we DID see however on my photo website: just click the ScubaJer dive flag album for Anilao dives. this was also my first dive with the new mares carbon 42 regulator. while i cannot say it performed flawlessly, it did do the job and despite one minor technical problem, i’m quite happy with it. i hope mares can help me troubleshoot my problem and then it will be just perfect! oh, and for you marine lovers, don’t worry about this poor pufferfish. i placed him back on the reef where he promptly relaxed. have a look at the photos. enjoy!


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