first video upload – diving with the ulua in anilao, philippines

School in session with the Jacks in Anilao, Philippines.

my cousin and i recently went to anilao and happened upon a huge school of jacks (known as “ulua” in hawaiian) as we swam along the depths of the TWIN ROCKS dive site in batangas, philippines. i was able to swim amidst the entire school and film them while my cousin was messin’ around in the background. we swam amongst these fish for around 30 minutes it was so relaxing. it’s among the only time i enjoy being in a school! (Sorry, you’ll have to click the Hyperlink above to view the video as I haven’t purchased a video upgrade account embed the video here).


esguerra 2nd annual dive trip 2009 – going phi phi in phuket!



each time i fly to a new city, it is my tradition to capture a photo of the city and its international airport from overhead as seen from my office – the cockpit. it’s a view not many passengers get to see as we are quite fortunate our windows face forwards (a good thing!) rather than sideways like most travelling folks. ok, some of them i know aren’t airports but distinct landmarks nonetheless. i’ll try to post more when i’ve got time, but here are the ones i’ve collected so far. can you recognize some of these places?