divemaster success!


on 27th september 2009 i officially joined the ranks of one of PADI’s newest professional divers reaching Divemaster status! thanks to Tim Campbell, my instructor, and everyone i learned from down at Sea Bees Diving in Chalong, Phuket, Thailand (http://www.sea-bees.com/eng/index.htm) – i had a terrific time. i experienced everything from mantas and sharks to panicked divers and dealing with an actual dive emergency. i assisted and guided customers from all over the world. assisted someone who didn’t even know how to snorkel – become an avid and competent diver by the end of the course. it was truly a great experience that i wouldn’t trade for the world. i met and worked with some of the best people in the industry. if anyone wants to dive Thailand – definitely go with Sea Bees. they are hands down the best. contact me if you have any doubts. i am now on my way to becoming an instructor. hope to dive with you all again soon. to everyone i met in thailand and to all the customers who joined me ‘n Sea Bees from around the world…warm love and thanks and happy, SAFE diving!


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