king of bling…because deep down, you want the best

my gift to myself for passing the instructor’s course. i’ll copy Scubapro’s advert ‘coz they say it best. bling bling! WSF 😛


The MK25 teamed with our exceptional new A700, offers superior ultra-high airflow system for maximum performance in all temperatures and diving conditions. SCUBAPRO is synonymous with piston-controlled first stages. Our MK25 underscores this heritage with an array of patented features and ultra-stable intermediate pressure, for an extremely punctual and consistent high delivery of air, ensuring unfailing performance. The MK25 balanced piston first stage is our absolute top performer, making this system our very best!

  • Air balanced flow-through piston provides constant and effortless air flow unaffected by changing tank pressure.
  • Newly polished chrome edition, available uniquely with A700 system, with 5 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports plus swiveling turret for convenient arrangement and personalisation of your gear.
  • Anti-freeze protection for all diving temperatures and externally adjustable intermediate pressure for easy maintenance.
  • Available in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configuration.

For more details and some great video on the A700, visit

**  It’s always a good day to go diving!  **


6 Responses

  1. dude, you just bought a mares carbon regulator not long ago… what did you do with that?

    • haha, the carbon will be my pool-training-backup reg, and the A700 will be my primary tec-rec reg. it breathes like a champ. awesome reg.

      • OMG you have a separate reg for pool work and regular dives …
        you pilots have too much money lol
        i bought a Sherwood SR1 about 4 months ago and it’s awesome.
        Bought it from Leisurepro on 18th & 5th
        where is my course you promised

      • who is this???

  2. lol
    it’s Mark Wong , why who else did you promise a course to

  3. Yeaaahhhh ….. bling bling babeh!! Its THE best 🙂

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