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16 years ago i graduated from the university of washington in seattle, u.s.a. as a computer information systems business school major. i worked as a mac consultant at the macintosh computer lab in balmer hall, home of the UW business school. after i graduated, however, i left the world of macintosh and was a pc/windows guru….until now. it’s time to make the switch ‘back to Mac’ with my new 27″ iMac! it’s good to be back in a new yet incredibly familiar enivronment. from the glory years of the macintosh to my new iMac, i toast apple and welcome you back onto my desktop! here’s to hopefully 16 more years of mac magic.

My Classic 1993 Mac with a whopping 2 MB of RAM!! woo hoo! yes, i still have it and it still works! and the new 27″iMac…Intel i7 Quad Core processor, 2 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM. it’s nice to be back.


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  1. the fu?!

    Just got a mac mini myself, but it’s gonna be running Win 7 🙂

    Win 7 is the way to go bro, wakes up from sleep in less than 5 sec. Been running it since spring this year, never had a crash… ever.

    unleash the fury!!

  2. oh, my first compy that I used…Commodore 64 at Laie Elementary. Then used an Apple IIe at BYU computer lab and played Lode Runner and Karateka! I can hear the soundtrack in my head now…

  3. My Mac Mini is now a PC on Windows 7.

    “Hello, I’m a Mac…and a PC…”

    Totally rocks. Kudos to Apple for making it such an easy install and a solid hardware. Wish I could say the same for the Apple wireless keyboard though. Might need to return it.

  4. that little mac is amazing! belongs in a museum – said with all reverence and respect 😀 when I was interning, i worked on one of these old machines too – imagine photoshopping with it… lols… lots of coffee breaks..

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