gong hei fat choi … 2010

Yellow and I would like to wish you a happy chinese new year – year of the tiger 2010. may you all have a safe, prosperous and blessed new year.


happy chinese new year – DON’T DRINK & DRIVE

a new year is time for celebration, but for those of you who drink and drive – quit it. go watch this link – and let’s all live to see each other next year. happy and safe chinese new year. – JEREMY


kapalai-sipadan, malaysia certification dive trip

28-31  january 2010:  i joined my group of malaysian diver-friends from kuala lumpur and ventured down to kapalai/sipadan – a small group of islands just off the south eastern shore of malaysian-borneo for a few days of diving. known for its pristine waters, stunning wall dives full of turtles and sharks – we were looking forward to several days of spectacular diving and R&R. while the visibility didn’t turn out as terrific as i’ve seen sipadan before, we all still had a great time. PADI welcomed 4 new divers on this trip. i was able to finish up certifying my first two star open-water students: Geraldine Chan & Jia Wen Loo. in addition, it was also my honour to certify two new advanced open-water divers, Sit Fong Wong and Jia Mayne Loo in the deep waters off sipadan’s shores. we stayed at Kapalai Water Village – a chinese-owned resort built on stilts in the open ocean upon a shallow reef/sand-bank, staffed predominantly to my surprise by numerous dive crew from the Philippines! i was very happy to meet the filipino staff and they too were happy to see a filipino instructor on property. yabang pinoy! our DM, Alvin, was also a fil-chinese like myself. you can see a pic below of me and him toasting ice cold Tiger beers after our last dive. (we are not only kababayan, we also dove with the same equipment and are both left-handed! a sure sign of a great diver!) below are several photos from the dive.  click on the individual thumbnails for a larger view.  there are much more and i’ll be making a slideshow later. but a final congratulations to the new divers: Gerry, Jia Wen, Sit Fong & Jia Mayne. you guys worked hard and did well. i’m really proud of all of you. we can be buddies anytime! well done!