anilao muck – octo’s & nemo

what is the plural for octopus? is it octopuses, octopi, or octopodes? just got back from another dive trip in anilao (batangas, philippines – just a 2 hour drive from downtown manila) over the weekend of 28-30 may. the dive favourite always ended up being at a site called “toros” (also known as “mainit muck” or “secret bay” to others). this is macro haven and a great place to spot all sorts of sea life in the ‘muck.’ (sand). flat, shallow, sandy bottom – perfect for those sea creatures who are masters of camouflage. one of the most famous of course, the elusive but curiously intelligent octopus. we spotted two of them within a foot of each other hiding in the sand. got them to come out and play – then they started getting friendly with each other and began mating! i have it all on video (see video above). 30 deg C water temperature all day, clear blue seas…it was a great day to go diving. here is a pic of me capturing nemo on film as well as one i snapped of our 8-armed friend during the muck dive. the bottom octo shot was taken with my canon G10 camera but by my cousin, Behn. p.s. and in case you were wondering, the plural of ‘octopus’ is any of the 3 above mentioned.

me and nemo.

i found this 8-legged friend burried in the sand but coaxed him out for this shot.

this shot was by my cousin.


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