been having some neck and shoulder problems since i got back from my last dive. i think hauling the heavy dive gear along with some poor-form exercising tore some of my muscles and soft tissue 😦 just to be safe the doc took an x-ray of my neck to make sure it wasn’t a neck/bone problem. yes, that’s my head.  as you can see,  my iMac can double as an x-ray viewing light table! the result: everything looks normal! you can clearly see the alignment of the 7 neck bones of the cervical vertebrae. (did you know giraffe’s have the same number in their long necks too!) the space between the neck where the discs lay (Point A) you can see are evenly spaced apart. the normal curve of the neck, called the cervical curve, can be seen by (Point B). someone with a stiff neck or other problems would have a straight “curve” – so the cervical curve is normal. the neck bones are properly aligned, one block sitting atop the other, none out of alignment, as seen by (Point C). everything looks normal and in place. so my pain in the neck is really just probably inflamed muscle, soft tissue damage. that being said, it hurts so much i can’t even work and can barely turn my head. too bad i can’t dive either for the time being. oh well. off to my next physio appointment. so how many of you have seen what YOUR neck looks like?!


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