mont blanc & UNICEF – signature for good

“everything starts with the written word.”

anybody who knows me knows i love fine writing instruments – and among the best out there is none other than the venerable classic, Montblanc. they’ve recently teamed up with UNICEF to initiate the “signature for good” programme. signature for good supports UNICEF in its efforts to ensure a quality education for children around the world – especially those who suffer under the burden of poverty and illiteracy.

with the signature for good programme, Montblanc will contribute towards giving as many children as possible better access to quality learning…laying the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, opportunity and equality for all.

i acquired two of the limited edition versions – featured on the Meisterstuck Classique edition. the United Nation’s famous olive wreath symbol is universally recognized as the sign for peace. A filigree gold-plated wreath adorns the cap of each one of these symbolic writing instruments. In addition, a sparkling sapphire surmounts the design. The deep blue echoes the UNICEF colour as a symbol of trust and committment. pick one up for yourself before these one-of-a-kind items are extinct and show your support to this small world we all call home.


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