congratulations new divers

just returned from puerto galera, philippines after yet another enjoyable dive certification trip. on 15 August 2010, PADI welcomed 3 new open water divers: Rita Li, from Hong Kong, Klaus Andersen from Denmark, and Richard Magnan from Canada. we were joined in puerto galera by colleagues and friends and thanks to our divemasters Arwin and Anthony, we were able to see some truly spectacular marine life the philippines has to offer! after celebrating with the three new divers, half of the group departed back to hong kong. the photo below is our parting farewell shot. apologies, i had to cut-and-paste-in our friend Tamsin (far left) who wasn’t feeling too well after a bit too much celebrating the night before. (!!!) it was nearly everyone’s first visit to the philippines and the abundant waters of puerto galera did not disappoint. we welcome anyone else who wants to join our group on the next dive … to be planned! congratulations again to the newly certified divers. hope to see you in the water again soon!