Sipadan – Dive Certification Trip with Scubazoo

21-26 February 2011. Location: Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia-Borneo. just finished teaching two dive courses in Sipadan: a PADI Open Water course – congrats to Amber – and an Advanced Open Water course – congrats to Tamsin & John on a job well done! we dove Sipadan 9 times over three days. on one of the days, Jude Junius, a videographer from joined us and produced this fantastic short video. on every dive of every day we encountered the local ‘residents of Sipadan’ – the friendly giant green sea turtles. Sipadan waters have returned to health swarming with the resident turtles as well as white tip reef sharks and dozens of colourful reef fish and coral. we stayed at Sipadan Water Village located on the nearby island of Mabul. the weather cooperated and it was 5 great days (and nights) of diving. enjoy the video by Scubazoo!


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  1. Wow! What a giant turquoise. Super like it!

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