Tokyo 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake 11 March 2011

This video was taken in the basement of Seibu department store supermarket in Shibuya just when the initial jolts of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck downtown Tokyo this afternoon, 11 March 2011. As we all know by now, the quake triggered tsunami’s around the country and created chaos around the area, especially to the northern port cities. Strong aftershocks after this were felt for the remainder of the day and many people were stranded as the efficient yet complex Tokyo infrastructure slowly shut down. The people were well prepared, calm, orderly and organized – it’s obvious they’ve experienced this before. This was literally their reaction within seconds of the quake in Tokyo. To all my friends we left behind in Japan, and to the ones whom this day marked the beginning of a new journey, recover and rest well.

The above video shows crowds flooded onto the street at the popular Shibuya JR Station crossing. Everyone stared in shock as a construction site with a giant crane swayed precariously atop a building as the aftershocks continued to rock the city.  Look at the crane in reference to the green building it sits atop and you can see the noticeable sway caused by this powerful event.

Below: Hachiko keeps a vigilant eye on his people as Tokyo residents anxiously evacuate to the street and await more news and word from loved ones. All subway and transit lines were shut down forcing everyone onto the street for the remainder of the day. This photo was taken at Shibuya Station – everyone standing around literally in shock (no pun intended) as the magnitude of the event slowly dawned upon the nation and the world.


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