congratulations captain/diver nam, sangbae!

2-5 april 2011. it was my great honor to hold a PADI open water course for a good friend of mine, Sangbae Nam from Seoul, Korea. Sangbae is a captain for Asiana Airlines – one of the two major international airlines that serve korea. Sangbae and i go way back to our early flying days. we both went to the same flight school in vero beach, florida (FlightSafety International Academy) nearly 20 some years ago!! we’ve kept in touch over the years and have both graduated from flying small single engine 4-seat airplanes to piloting aircraft now that seat up to 400! i ran a special private open water course for sangbae in Puerto Galera, Philippines. we met up with a group of friendly koreans who knew Mr. Lee, the owner of the resort we stayed at in Sabang Beach named Song of Joy. the korean group were kind enough to celebrate Sangbae’s open water graduation celebration. it was a great experience for all of us and to my new korean friends, i hope to see you in the water (or in the skies over korea) someday soon! congratulations Captain Sangbae…thanks for being a great friend and translator – hope you enjoyed your vacation! good job!


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  1. What a funny face ! what’s wrong with me? T_T;;; too much beers? sigh sigh…ha ha ha..but it was fun, d’oh.

    Applause to Jeremy!
    You are a terrific instructor. Not only up in the air but also under the sea. You gave me one of unforgettable memory of my life. I’m looking forward another dive with you again. It was fun and it was awesome. Two thumbs up to my friend, Jeremy.

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