congratulations…new divers!

congratulations go out to Xavier Law and Derek Mackesy for completing their PADI open water and advanced open water scuba diver course in Puerto Galera, Philippines last week (9-13 April 2011). we stayed once again on Sabang beach at Song of Joy resort – Korean owned by Mr. Lee and Tex (pictured below in group photo on front left). we were joined by Divemasters Arwin and Jordan as well as Tamsin & John – our dive group groupies! the weather cooperated and it was a packed fun-filled week of diving. the water temp in PG dropped to about 25 deg…unusually cold for the Philippines (perhaps due to La Nina) but the new divers braved the ‘relatively’ cold(er) waters and successfully completed their courses. judging by the beach scene below (practicing their compass navigation skills) you wouldn’t think the water was cold – actually, it varied from 29 deg c at the surface to 25 deg c under water. actually, it wasn’t cold at all…we pilots are always looking for something to complain about. Xavier and Derek are also airline pilots here in Hong Kong. skies conquered and now the seas. what’s next?!


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  1. I stayed song of joy 21 to 22 April with my korean two friends.
    and we dived with two foreigners(male, female) in your pictures and many korean.

    nice to meet you sir. =)

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