tubbataha reef, philippines – cornered hawksbill

tested out my new sony high definition (HD) underwater video camera with light & motion housing at tubbataha reef national park in the philippines last month. tubbataha reef is listed as a world heritage site and it is perhaps the premiere dive spot in all of the philippines. the reef is located southeast of palawan right smack in the middle of the sulu sea. the visibility was incredible. clear blue water topping almost 200 feet. the water was warm (30 degrees) and currents light. below is a short video clip of our group chasing one of the resident hawksbill sea turtles. it was definitely the star of the show with everyone taking photos of him. unfortunately it ran out of swimming space and we cornered it, but still allowed him room to escape! here is just a simple video clip testing my new HD video camera. more tubbataha videos to come. enjoy.


new divers! congratulations pearlyn & nicholas

more new divers joined the padi family on 21 june 2011. pearlyn and nicholas, both from singapore, were certified in Kuala Terengganu at the Merang Sutra Beach resort on the east coast of the malaysian peninsula. despite some rough water, challenging conditions, and strong currents, pearlyn and nicholas both completed their open water diver course without any difficulty. the certification trip was arranged by my good friends at seamonkey dive centre in kuala lumpur (http://www.seamonkeydiver.com/) which provide first class dive facilities in the greater malaysian area. congratulations again to pearlyn and nicholas.

new diver! congratulations soe

on 25 april 2011, soe, an optometrist from hong kong, earned her open water scuba diver certificate! after 4 dives in puerto galera philippines with her husband, andy (also an optometrist) and a few of my family and friends, we welcomed her into the scuba diver ranks. we saw some spectacular sealife in PG – the most ‘exciting’ was a huge sea snake (sea krait) that was very curious and swam right towards soe and i to say hello! sea kraits are highly venemous and poisonous but they are very friendly and inquisitive and don’t pose any threat if you respect their presence. we saw some sea turtles as well in some great, clear, blue water diving across the channel at Verde Island and it was a good first experience for soe and the gang. congratulations once again soe! keep diving, and good job!

end of an era

july 7, 2011

the final day for the ‘classic’ uniform to be worn by our flight attendants at cathay pacific airways. will miss the ‘old look’ as a new era begins. my final flight on the final day with the crew in their now ‘vintage’ uniforms.