adrian, vic, johnston, zoe & thorpe – new PADI divers!

the last week of september found me once again in puerto galera, philippines for another terrific dive certification trip. this time i went with colleagues from my airline, Cathay Pacific Airways and partner airline, Dragonair. pictured above left to right, congratulations go out to Adrian (Cathay 747-400 pilot), Victoria (Cathay 777 pilot), myself as their certifying instructor, Johnston (Cathay 777 pilot) and  Zoe (Dragonair A320 pilot) for earning their PADI Open Water Diver licenses. Thorpe, also a Cathay 777 pilot (the one taking the above photo and pictured below) also completed his PADI Advanced Open Water license along with Zoe as his buddy. this photo was taken just after a refreshing afternoon rainshower passed through as we were enjoying a bbq picnic on a small beach called Friday’s. the divers had just completed their compass navigation snorkel swim when the rainshower passed through. so typical of weather in the philippines, even the sun shines through the rain! we saw some fantastic sealife – the highlight being a giant hawksbill turtle on their very first open water dive! (it was the largest hawksbill i’ve ever seen!) a good sign and a terrific start to their diving adventures. congratulations all. let’s go diving again….soon! dive (and fly) safe!



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