more new divers: connie, michael, ray, candace, maggie & adrian!

last week i was back in the sunny philippines in puerto galera teaching another group of divers all from hong kong. we escaped the huge torrential rains that plagued the hong kong pearl river delta and spent just under a week in oriental mindoro enjoying the magnificent sunshine, diving, mango shakes (and yummy korean food) at song of joy dive resort in puerto galera – where i usually hold my open water check out courses in the philippines. connie, michael and ray finished their open water licenses early on, while candace and maggie joined later to finish theirs. adrian moved up to the advanced open water diver level. despite seeing only one green sea turtle we still managed to spot all sorts of other weird and wonderful creatures underwater. it never rained once and the diving was great. congratulations to all the new divers – dive safe and let’s do it again!


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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed browsing your site. I’ve always wanted to learn how to dive, but never really got the chance to begin. Would you still be teaching some classes here in the Philippines?

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