new logo. new look.

ScubaJerLogo New 6

just finished designing a new logo for my brand. look out for it at dive shops, resorts and dive boats around the world! it was time for a new look. new logo. but same professional diving instruction provided for your enjoyment! having grown up in the great pacific northwest United States, I’ve always been a fan of the resident Orcas – more commonly known as “killer whales.” Orca’s really aren’t whales at all. they’re actually members of the dolphin family. they are the top predator of all the oceans – with a brain much larger than a human’s – and one of the most intelligent ocean-going species in the world unique in that they¬†can reason, think and problem-solve as individuals and in family groups called pods. my new logo also incorporates the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) worldwide logo as I am a certified PADI dive instructor. the internationaly recognized “diver below” signal flag (red with single white stripe) on the orca’s pectoral fin is a tribute to the scuba diving community. if you haven’t explored the underwater world yet, please contact me and let’s go diving! you can email me at: for more information. dive safe! aloha!