fish, poi & aloha

last week i was able to head back to the rock in the pacific and catch a casual evening performance at the kani ka pila grille by one of my favourite hawaiian artists, sean na’auao. he spent the evening with his small band singing local island songs and sharing his warm style of music and aloha with the crowd. after his jam session was finished i was able to have a chat with him – he’s a great musician and one cool cat! found out one of his band member’s wife used to work at aloha airlines the same time when i was a pilot there. having just met, you could still sense the feeling of ohana (family) that exists around the islands and its locals. it was good to be back. sean ended the night with his hit song, “fish & poi” from his title cd-album that topped the hawaiian charts some 13 years ago. check it out on youtube or go buy the album and support sean and his friends. aloha braddah! hang loose, stay hungry and keep the tunes comin’!