the new iPad from apple…finally got one!

So Dad, how do you like the new iPad we got you?

i just happened to operate a trip to san francisco, california on the launch date of the new apple ipad “3” (a.k.a. the new ipad) and it’s a great device – my first ipad! so much has been written on it so i won’t go into any details – except to mention the fact that the apple san fran store was great. they were prepared for the onslaught and they had PLENTY of stock for every color and model that was offered. they never ran out the week i was there. as for the craziness of hong kong, that’s a different story. out of stock on day 1 as usual.

have a look at the short clip above! click on the link; my favourite ipad movie. be careful before you pass these on as gifts to the pre-baby-boom generation heh heh. no offense. sometimes technology just moves a bit too fast for some. all that being said, the ipad truly is a “multi-use” device!

as we climbed out of the bay area in our 777 the following day, i was able to grab some test shots of the city with the new ipad’s camera. it came in handy as well over northern alaska – capturing the impressive glaciers carving their way down the mountainside. not bad for a tablet camera. click thumbnails for larger view.


back to Mac

16 years ago i graduated from the university of washington in seattle, u.s.a. as a computer information systems business school major. i worked as a mac consultant at the macintosh computer lab in balmer hall, home of the UW business school. after i graduated, however, i left the world of macintosh and was a pc/windows guru….until now. it’s time to make the switch ‘back to Mac’ with my new 27″ iMac! it’s good to be back in a new yet incredibly familiar enivronment. from the glory years of the macintosh to my new iMac, i toast apple and welcome you back onto my desktop! here’s to hopefully 16 more years of mac magic.

My Classic 1993 Mac with a whopping 2 MB of RAM!! woo hoo! yes, i still have it and it still works! and the new 27″iMac…Intel i7 Quad Core processor, 2 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM. it’s nice to be back.