Marlin Madness Trailer

on a recent trip to Tonga we managed to hook this monster. have a look at the teaser i made above and the full youtube clip below. enjoy!


humpback whales in tonga 2014

on july 26 i flew with some friends down to the Kingdom of Tonga to experience one of the most memorable dives of my lifetime. words cannot express the thrill and excitement of being amongst the oceans’ most magnificent creatures – the mighty humpback whale. every august and september the whales leave the cold antarctic waters and migrate north to the warm 24 deg C waters of Tonga to frolic and play in the tropical blue paradise waters. thanks to Masa Takashima from and his team, we were able to swim and film/photograph these magnificent creatures. these are some of the photos i captured from my dive. enjoy.






the sandbox

made a short visit to dubai to visit my long time friend and pilot, jordan, his wife cheche and their two boys matthew & joshua, in the desert sands of dubai, united arab emirates. jordan flies for emirates airlines and is a fellow graduate/alumni of flightsafety international academy in vero beach, florida – our flight school during the days of yore. he is also a PADI scuba diving instructor like myself, teaching new divers in the UAE. it is a bit redundant to say it was a scorcher in dubai. external temp in the shade reached 50 deg c! (that’s 122 deg f!!!) ridiculously hot! if you’re an air conditioning salesman, this is the place to be. because of the intense heat, we did have to spend most of our time indoors for safety’s sake – but i did manage to take a desert safari tour and about exhausted myself climbing up one of the many sand dunes located just 30 mins from jordan’s home. luckily we had a modified toyota land cruiser to bring us safely back. fly safe bro. enjoy the sandbox while it lasts. ūüėČ


Tokyo 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake 11 March 2011

This video was taken in the basement of Seibu department store supermarket in Shibuya just when the initial jolts of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck downtown Tokyo this afternoon, 11 March 2011. As we all know by now, the quake triggered tsunami’s around the country and created chaos around the area, especially to the northern port cities. Strong aftershocks after this were felt for the remainder of the day and many people were stranded as the efficient yet complex Tokyo infrastructure slowly shut down. The people were well prepared, calm, orderly and organized – it’s obvious they’ve experienced this before. This was literally their reaction within seconds of the quake in Tokyo. To all my friends we left behind in Japan, and to the ones whom this day marked the beginning of a new journey, recover and rest well.

The above video shows crowds flooded onto the street at the popular Shibuya JR Station crossing. Everyone stared in shock as a construction site with a giant crane swayed precariously atop a building as the aftershocks continued to rock the city.  Look at the crane in reference to the green building it sits atop and you can see the noticeable sway caused by this powerful event.

Below: Hachiko keeps a vigilant eye on his people as Tokyo residents anxiously evacuate to the street and await more news and word from loved ones. All subway and transit lines were shut down forcing everyone onto the street for the remainder of the day. This photo was taken at Shibuya Station – everyone standing around literally in shock (no pun intended) as the magnitude of the event slowly dawned upon the nation and the world.

don’t eat me

the hong kong diving resort travel expo is in full swing this weekend in hong kong 16-18 july 2010. stop by for a free visit and don’t forget to sign the petition to save our sharks. please don’t eat shark fin soup and tell your friends not to either. drop by the expo to pick up your free sticker and make your pledge. visit: for more information!


on 28 march 2010 cathay pacific opens up a brand new destination in europe – the fashion capital of the world, milan, italy! i was selected as one of the 4 pilots who will fly the first trip into milan nonstop from hong kong in one of our brand new boeing 777-300ER aircraft. it should prove to be a fun and challenging flight – especially on the return sector where we will be the only twin-engined aircraft ever to legally fly over the high terrain around mt. everest and the himalayas. but enough of that technical stuff! all of the passengers and crew i’m sure will just be worried about one (or two) things – what good food and wine to eat and where do we find all the great shopping! prada anybody? i’ll try to snap some good photos from this trip so stay tuned for my next entry from italy. ciao!

PADI Instructor! OWSI-260021

after 10 grueling days of classroom, pool, and open-water training, i finally finished my PADI instructor development course (IDC) with Sea Fun Divers in Phuket, Thailand! my terrific course director from norway, Bent Posejpal ( saw me through the intense course, culminating in a 3-day Instructor Exam (IE) administered by official¬†PADI asia-pacific instructor examiners who flew up from Australia to conduct our final examination. after passing the written exam on day 1, confined (pool teaching exam), classroom presentation on day 2, and a final-open water (beach) examination on day 3 in the pouring rain, i successfully passed the IE and am now an official PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. that’s my PADI Pro¬†number above –¬†my identity has been stripped¬†and¬†i am now merely a number – but proud of it! congratulations to all the other candidates who passed the IE along with me on 18 October 2009 in Phuket! see you in the water¬†someday.¬† thank goodness it’s over. ¬†now, if only i had some students!!! the fun begins. dive safe!