new logo. new look.

ScubaJerLogo New 6

just finished designing a new logo for my brand. look out for it at dive shops, resorts and dive boats around the world! it was time for a new look. new logo. but same professional diving instruction provided for your enjoyment! having grown up in the great pacific northwest United States, I’ve always been a fan of the resident Orcas – more commonly known as “killer whales.” Orca’s really aren’t whales at all. they’re actually members of the dolphin family. they are the top predator of all the oceans – with a brain much larger than a human’s – and one of the most intelligent ocean-going species in the world unique in that they can reason, think and problem-solve as individuals and in family groups called pods. my new logo also incorporates the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) worldwide logo as I am a certified PADI dive instructor. the internationaly recognized “diver below” signal flag (red with single white stripe) on the orca’s pectoral fin is a tribute to the scuba diving community. if you haven’t explored the underwater world yet, please contact me and let’s go diving! you can email me at: for more information. dive safe! aloha!


Getting Jelly With It in Palau

Feb. 5, 2015
A group of us ventured to Palau to do some diving but before we hit the open ocean we stopped by the famous Jellyfish Lake – apparently one of two in the world (the other in Sangalaki, Indonesia – which I’ve also dove!) but Palau’s Jelly’s were simply magical! A great experience – these harmless Jelly’s have formed their own species and are “stingless” gentle, shy creatures. Hope you enjoy this small clip I made from our Jelly Dive!

happy 20th anniversary boeing 777


Happy 20th anniversary to our “Honolulu Baby” B-HNL formerly known as WA001.  I am proud to say I was probably among the first Cathay pilot’s to ever lay hands on this aircraft. The Backstory: In 1994 when I was a struggling regional airline pilot in the U.S., I was fortunate to be invited by some of my Boeing Co. friends to the rollout ceremony of WA001, the very first Boeing 777 ever produced at the Renton, Washington plant north of Seattle. It was a spectacular laser-show gala produced by Dick Clark Productions and when the curtain was lifted and the 777 revealed, I had no idea I was witnessing the beginning of a new era in aviation. I was able to place my thumb print on the belly of WA001 along with hundreds of other Boeing family and friends. I still have my original obligatory Boeing 777 polo shirt (which amazingly still fits after 20 years!) and all who were in attendance also received a special “777 lunch bag” commemorating the occasion full of food and goodies celebrating Boeing’s new ground-breaking management-style labeled “Working Together.” I still keep it as a remembrance.  As awe inspired as I was, little did I realize or even dream that exactly 10 years later I would climb into WA001, now B-HNL at Cathay Pacific, and pass my “QL” line check in that very aircraft.  The only Boeing 777 to ever fly with two engine-types (when I first saw her she sported brand new Pratt & Whitney 4090 turbofans) and completely rebuilt for Cathay – if you are lucky to fly B-HNL she is as sporty and lively as ever and after 20 young years will not disappoint. Aloha baby!


Duck Soup



Well, that certainly didn’t last long. The giant rubber duck in Hong Kong Victoria Harbor has contracted lung cancer and succumbed to the excessive pollution in Hong Kong. Either that or it’s just sleeping; but sadly it has deflated – along with the enthusiasm, crowds and noise around Tsim Sha Tsui. So perhaps some good has come of this. Let’s hope they repair the damage. Mr. Duck is supposed to be in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor until early June 2013. Nevertheless, it’s a sad site. Pun intended.




It seems as if Hong Kong is blessed with magnificent weather every 31st of December and 2012 was no exception. Unfortunately the fireworks display/countdown was held over the Convention Center which is just far enough east that it could not be viewed from my apartment living room 😦  However, the sunset over the western end was visible in all its glory. I captured this image above on this, the last day of 2012 (Click image for complete view). I wish everyone out there a very happy, safe and prosperous 2013…and many more to come thereafter. Happy New Year Planet Earth – from Jeremy in Hong Kong. Oh the places we’ll go!

31 December 2012

my new email address is:

i have a new email address (above)! please update your records accordingly. after so much spam and headaches with my old AOL address, i’ve had to get rid of it after 20+ years. after all those loyal years it has been locked out and i cannot even access it. so hopefully those of you who’ve been trying to reach me on AOL and have not received any replies from me will come look here and note that i can be found at the above email address from now on. my domain is actually hosted by Gmail so i’m certain this email provider will do a much better job. thanks for making note of this change.

the importance of branding

i love orcas (a.k.a. killer whales). they are the oceans top predators and are literally at the top of the food chain – they have no known enemies. if ever i could be an animal, i’d be an orca. i’m even trying to design my own orca whale rubber stamp. once i finish i’ll post it here. however, their namesake does give them a bad rap, so from now on, they shall now be known as Happy Silly Fun Fish!