new uniforms

well, our cabin crew are getting new uniforms. if you’ve seen the “old” (current) uniforms you’ll realize that these “new” ones are a step in the WRONG direction. i thought new uniforms were supposed to look fresh, stylish, and updated. these styles harken back to the century-old, outdated costumes of chinese teahouse/restaurant waiters and staff. it’ll just be a matter of time before us pilots get our new makeover. great. can’t wait. maybe it will include a mask, a cape, and a tight body suit. (top photo – position from left to right: female ISM (inflight service manager), female SP (senior purser), female FP (flight purser), female BC (bar & cabin – junior), male ISM, male SP, male FP, male BC).


on 28 march 2010 cathay pacific opens up a brand new destination in europe – the fashion capital of the world, milan, italy! i was selected as one of the 4 pilots who will fly the first trip into milan nonstop from hong kong in one of our brand new boeing 777-300ER aircraft. it should prove to be a fun and challenging flight – especially on the return sector where we will be the only twin-engined aircraft ever to legally fly over the high terrain around mt. everest and the himalayas. but enough of that technical stuff! all of the passengers and crew i’m sure will just be worried about one (or two) things – what good food and wine to eat and where do we find all the great shopping! prada anybody? i’ll try to snap some good photos from this trip so stay tuned for my next entry from italy. ciao!

boeing 777-300ER delivery flight

on january 17, 2009, i was selected, along with 3 other pilots at my company, to fly to my hometown of seattle, washington in the u.s.a. to take delivery of cathay pacific’s newest addition to its boeing 777-300ER fleet, aircraft registration B-KPJ. it was a momentous event – boeing rolled out the red carpet for us, treated us to tours around seattle, free dinners, including an exclusive at the museum of flight where they closed the entire museum in the evening to our group, a VIP factory tour and much more. overall, they treated us to a great customer experience. i guess you would expect that with a $276 million USD aircraft purchase! we were handed ‘the keys’ on 17 january and flew nonstop back to hong kong from boeing’s delivery center in paine field, everett, washington…where i first learned how to fly! what a fantastic, nostalgic occasion, a great company, and a beautiful machine. welcome B-KPJ, our newest boeing 777-300ER! (click the small thumbnail pics below to view the larger size).